Spring cleaning your closet

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Spring cleaning – time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new clothes! 
Hello lovely people! Happy Easter! ❤

Since the spring has officially started, it’s time for some spring cleaning your closet. There are so many clothes to go through – what would you wear this season and what has to be put away.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing though. It’s easy – just take them all out on the floor haha.

But, hey! Before you start to clean your own closet, make yourself some awesome music playlist. It always helps!  Music always makes everything easier and can be quite inspiring.

Check on the current trends and what you would like to wear. I always go through my clothes to see if I have such pieces somewhere stored. If not, I do put them on my shopping list. As you know, the trends come and go. Lately there are a lot of trends coming back from the 90s. So if you still have some wearable and great items since then, why not refresh them, polish them a bit and wear them as new once again.

I would start with dividing the things that I do wear at the moment and things that are just resting long enough in my closet. It’s best to organize everything in categories of what you will wear, store it away or trash aside.

Spring cleaning your closet


Usually during spring time I always buy myself some new blouses or T-shirts for the warmer days to come. For me this is a must. Probably I would go for a blazer in light color too. Oh and to not forget the ballet flats. They are easy to wear and easy to combine with anything.

I did put the mules on my shopping list this season, but the weather is still troubling and not so warm yet, so I guess I will wait a bit longer.  Instead of buying some black pants, I always go for the jeans in light color this season. During this weekend I had a peek at some of the local boutiques and already prepared my budget for a pair or two. I am planning to buy high rise cropped jeans. I am thinking of them to be simple, yet no ripped ones. I already have some so I would like ones that are just plain. I already bought myself a blazer in white, new sneakers in white with some rose gold embroidery details at the back, simple patent loafers with tassel details and a crossbody bag in white. I believe that having these pieces is a must, because they are the essential for a great style and you may basically wear any other piece with them.  I am having a major crush on the striped shirts with some embroidery details too – in light blue or perhaps even in red-ish color. Soon enough the weather will get warmer so I am putting away all those sweaters at the very bottom at the closet for the next winter. I always leave one or two just in case. It’s same for the jackets. I kept only one puffer jacket out and the rest are ticked in.

Already got rid of broken heels, some other shoes that are no longer wearable from the last season and gave away some clothes to my cousins and some I donated to the Red Cross. It just made me happier to do this and now I have some more space to add some refreshment into my closet.

How will you do it?

Statement ring

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Hi all! :*

It’s been a while since I have last made a post. I have been busy. But I am back!

Have you already chosen a statement ring that you just can’t separate from this season? I have ordered mine from Avon and I got it a couple of days ago. I simply love it! It’s actually not just a ring, but 5 stacking rings.


What I truly like about the stacking rings is that you may wear them all together or separate.

If someone was paying attention at one of my previous posts, you would realize that I love pearl jewelry. This was quite tempting for me so I just had to order these rings. I can totally pair them with anything and doesn’t matter what kind of nail polish you have, they simply look gorgeous on your hand.

  • Very chic and feminine
  • Pearl detail
  • Silver

So what do you think? 🙂

One Color, Head to Toe

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First of all, I would like to wish you all a lovely Sunday.  I hope you are doing just great :*

Today’s topic is the monochromatic style. Wearing one color from head to toe is so hot and trendy right now. It’s not just hot, yet simple and easy to wear it. You may combine all kinds of shades from the same color into one outfit. It doesn’t take much time and you are always ready to go on your lazy days.

Personally, I would choose either black combination, or during spring/summer I would pick white as well. To me they are timeless and classic looks. Wearing all black or all white can never get out of fashion.

Matching clothes and accessories with the same color is so easy.  You can do it just by picking jeans, shirt, bag and shoes in the same color and that’s it!

If you love classic look, you will like the outfits that I have created in the last two days. Perhaps this will give you an idea of what to wear in the week ahead.




Summer thoughts

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I would like to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day! I am not celebrating it this year, but maybe the next one haha 😀

My thoughts are someplace else today. Since the weather was sunny and a bit warmer I can’t stop thinking about summer. Seriously I can’t wait!

Those thoughts have inspired me to create this outfit, longing for those warm summer days. The tropical prints give that exotic look mixed with the red bag and those heel sandals. It’s sensational and chic. It is an outfit idea to carry on with from day to night. Dressed like this, I don’t think anyone would be able to keep your eyes off you. Just by seeing the complete look gives me positive vibes. The pop of red makes it more charming and fierce.

What do you think? Do you like it?


Which one would you wear it?

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Good evening everyone! How are you doing tonight? 🙂

I would like to share my latest sets with you. Cool casual styles for you to pick! There is also one special set for you to see, sexy extravagant yet lovely outfit.

Which one would you wear it?

Outfit #1


Outfit #2


Outfit #3


Outfit #4


Outfit #5


Outfit #6


From two-tone dresses to cool casual look

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I would like to wish you all a wonderful weekend ❤

Tonight I am sharing my creations to inspire you and show you what is trending. If you are planning to buy yourself a new dress, make it two-toned! That’s so hot and trendy right now.

One of the sets is a Valentine inspiration of mine, a cool casual look, meanwhile another set is quite charming one – an idea for the summer days ahead.

Outfit #1


Outfit #2


Outfit #3


Outfit #4


For more inspiration visit my Polyvore!

Thursday in bright and fresh mood

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Hi! How are you? 🙂

Today I am having some lovely, bright and fresh creations to inspire you. I can’t wait for the spring/summer time to come! Feeling kind of bored from the cold weather…

Outfit #1

This set has some nature inspired look, fresh and comfy. Tie-up ballet flats are kind of a thing for the upcoming season. Instead of wearing just simple flats, why not tie them up. It looks way more fun.

The floral silk dress is just lovely. If I could afford it I would have definitely buy the dress! 🙂 It’s chic and feminine, sexy and fresh at the same time. It goes well together with the lovely ballet flats. To mix match the look I think I have found the suitable crossbody bag.

To finish the look I have added some bold yet stylish jewelry. Oh and never forget to always pick some great looking sunglasses!


Outfit #2

Now this outfit is so lovely and feminine! Girly retro style is always fun. Don’t you just love the dress? Check print dress it’s already on my what to buy list.

The way I have paired everything in this set was consisted mainly of white and pink color. The white strap heels are going well together with the dress and that bag is so cool and fits the outfit perfectly. Now to make the entire look way more fun and stylish I have added some fun jewelry. According to me, the earrings make the look way more charming.


Outfit #3

This outfit is something that I would like to wear 🙂

Embroidered straight cropped jeans, gingham off the shoulder top, a crossbody bag & those leather sandals… I just can’t get enough!

The earrings and the ring are mix matched well with the entire look. Never forget to wear jewelry. It’s what it makes the outfit whole and special.