Get the Look – Gradient Color Jumper

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It’s time for my first review of 2017! Sponsored post by – me wearing the Gradient Color Jumper.

The jumper had arrived a week ago and I had the chance to take it with me on my New Year’s trip to Vienna, Austria. I wore it during one of the days when I was visiting the Schönbrunn Palace. Magnificent place to go to… you must put it on your places to go to list actually. I was in the mood to wear this jumper on that day, as I also knew that it’s the perfect spot to take a couple of photos at this location (I took so many photos you have no idea haha).


The weather served me well as you can see on the photos.



I really like this jumper! The color is perfect and it looks exactly as shown on the photos on the website.


It’s quite easy to combine it with many types of clothes. I wore it that day with darker color of skinny jeans, buckle boots (half suede, half leather), buckle bag (because I needed to put many things inside so I chose this bag), warm scarf, my favorite plaid coat and my also favorite sunglasses. I kept my beanie hidden inside the bag during the day since it wasn’t so cold.


If you wonder what size you should order, please know that I ordered the XL size (I wear smaller size, but since it’s from the Internet, I always order bit bigger). I am not sure about the S or M sizes, so if there is L or XL better pick those sizes. I usually wear M/L , meanwhile my sister wears S size, so we both tried the jumper on just to check how it actually looks. She had it bit loose so I guess size M would be good choice for her.

The quality of the jumper is on point! Don’t think that just because you randomly found it on the Internet, it is immediately a bad quality. This jumper is a fashion piece that you can wear at different seasons, since it’s not too warm, nor too light either. Perfect fit for spring, fall and winter time!



It is elastic as it’s also written on the website itself. It is made of acrylic and cotton material. If you wonder what more you can read about it, please visit here.

It goes well with a warm beanie as you may see. It is stylish and it is the perfect piece for a lovely casual day.




The price is $ 16.76. They offer free shipping as well.

I have also created a set on Polyvore, showing how to wear this jumper. Here is an idea of how to style it, by matching it with these boots & this bag. They are my kind of favorite things that I suggest you to put on your bucket list.


Get the Look! Must-Haves!

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