The Daily Look: How to wear a crop top

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So this is one of the ideas that came to mind today: How to actually wear this Moschino crop top?

At first I was wondering should I pair it with skinny jeans or make it a bit more dramatic and stylish and use cropped wide leg jeans. As soon as I saw these sandals, I thought hey I have found the right match! Steve Maiden has incredibly good stylish shoes at disposal. This is not the first time that you will encounter his sexy heels into one of my creations. Just by browsing through the bags, I stumbled upon this crossbody bag from Michael Kors. It has the same color as the sandals as well as those tassel earrings. It adds up to the whole outfit.

I am not sure if you have noticed so far, but I always play with colors and find mix matched items for my outfits. It’s who I am!Β Instead of using the same color of lipstick as the bag and the shoes, I am thinking a bit lighter shade of pink. To finish up the look I would wear these Prada sunglasses and ring with a pearl detail. Just as I had mentioned I love pearls in one of my previous posts. (Read more about it in here)

This kind of outfit I would wear for a coffee date since it’s stylish, not too cheesy, yet very sexy and cool.

What do you think about it?

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