Vienna through my eyes

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Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

I would like to share a wonderful experience with you. It’s about my New Year’s trip to Vienna. It was even more special since I got to spend time with my sister and we had such a great time together. Sometimes it’s really good to share travel experiences with your family. Those moments count!

At first I was wondering what destination should I pick for my New Year’s trip and then I thought oh let’s go to Vienna! I have stopped couple of times at their airport but never had the chance to see the city. When I saw the offer on the Internet I just couldn’t resist. It was a dream come true for me.

There was a lot to see, a lot to experience. In my eyes, Vienna is a magical city and the perfect place to celebrate the New Year. Whether you plan a romantic gateway, family closure or fun time with your friends, pick Vienna! For those that have never been to this city, just keep it in mind for the upcoming year. You will not regret it!

As always I am so excited when I visit a new place, but the feeling for Vienna was different. I can’t explain those feelings the moment we stepped in. I got out of the bus and I looked around me. All I could say was WOW! The architecture left me speechless, so much to see, so unique and different. Every single building in the city was just built different than the other. Like my tourist guide said – every building in here has its own story. Truly magnificent! Most of those buildings were old and preserved and are indicator of a long history.


My first stop was Kunst Haus Wien – Museum Hundertwasser. Amazing place to see, incredible designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The district itself shows the exhibition of his work.



The next stop was the Belvedere Palace. You have no idea how much excited I was just to see it in front of me.  When I entered through the gate I didn’t know what to do first, shall I take photos or just admire that beauty. There were so many tourists in there! Just when you browse the Internet and you are searching for Vienna, this is one of the main tourists’ attractions that will come up for you to see. It’s really interesting that every palace in here had a quite long backyard. You just don’t have enough time to see it all in a day or two. You need more time!




I was kind of in the rush because of my travel tour. We had to visit few more places before we were headed to the hotel. We drove by the bus through entire Vienna and see the city in a different light. The weather was sunny so that was an extra point to all of these. It was just perfect!

Seeing the city center truly amazed me. All of those buildings, the culture, the monuments, the people… really impressive. Besides Paris, Vienna is the cultural center of Europe.


For those that love shopping it’s the perfect spot to do so. There were many things to see and buy. Since I love fashion I had to pass through the most expensive street and see all of those designer stores. It was like a heaven to me haha

There were a lot of stores that you could buy all kinds of souvenirs. There were also so many coffee places to go to. The choice was all yours. A lot of restaurants and snack bars at your disposal too. So depending on your budget, there was everything for everyone.



Another magnificent piece of work was the design of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. I was thinking who would build such thing. You have to have so many nerves to build something like that. It was the place that we would gather with the group to not be lost.

Have you been to a Christmas market before? If not, just by visiting Vienna for the New Year, you will have the chance to see couple of Christmas markets at the center as well. I have been to couple more in Germany before and I missed the Christmas euphoria just by being present in there at that time of the year. It’s magical! As the one of the most famous tradition at the markets, was the glügwein. You can’t just go to Vienna and not try their mulled wine. Put it down on your list! Also you’ve got to try their food at the markets as well. It’s so tasty and delicious.


Why go to Vienna, if you don’t visit the Schönbrunn Palace?  We had the afternoon before the New Year’s Eve planned to visit this magnificent palace. We spent couple of hours in there, visited the palace with a guide on the inside and heard so much about it, the entire history, and kind of left me speechless and amazed of what I saw on the inside.



We celebrated the New Year’s Eve at the Radhaus Platz. There was a Christmas market there too so we had a lot of glügwein for the night 🙂  The wine was served in cute cups and I had picked the pig cup since the pig it’s a sign of good luck in Austria. The night couldn’t have been better for me – I got a kiss from a stranger for good luck and I have found a little coin on the floor! Who knows what kind of luck will follow me this year haha

In the next morning we had the chance to come back at the same spot and watch the Viennese Ball on a big screen with live stream. Just to fill in an application for the Ball you need approximately 7000 euro. It’s crazy right?



Visiting Vienna for the New Year is a fairy tale that must be experienced and seen.

Hope you have enjoyed my story! Do you have any questions?

10 thoughts on “Vienna through my eyes

  1. drnessy says:

    Thanks for yur marvellous pst about vienna! It´s very far from Saarebruck, where I live, and so it is mt very often, that I can visit that georgeous town! Best wishes, Nessy


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