Netflix & Chill with Adore Me

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Hi everyone! What are you doing tonight? 🙂

Because if you would ask me… I am getting myself ready to have the perfect night! So you might wonder hmm what that could be right. It’s easy! I will be having my Netflix & Chill night by myself with my favorite TV show – the Vampire Diaries.


Due to my busy schedule and so many things to do, I think I finally deserve this night to just relax and not think of anything else. If I don’t watch and relax, than I would probably be creating outfits on Polyvore.

Since outside is cold and about to snow, I think I have picked the perfect night to get cozy and chill. I got myself comfy in my favorite PJs, my newest slippers & brought my salted sticks as a snack to go through the Vampire Diaries. I made myself a cup of nice & warm Turkish coffee since I need some energy after work to not be too sleepy. Well I certainly will not fall asleep when I know I will be watching Damon from the Vampire Diaries. I just love this show! I kind of miss Elena in it, but well I still think it’s good enough as long as it’s going on.

Usually my sis would be keeping me company for watching TV shows, but she has a late night shift at work so I will be on my own tonight. We tend to bond over so many series through spending time together. Both of us have the same taste in shows so we don’t need to fight over 🙂

I was thinking to make some pancakes for dessert, but I just feel too lazy. I guess I will do that some other time. I did find those salted sticks at the kitchen and well I felt sorry for them to just leave them in there haha . By the way, they are good to calm your nerves, especially when you are working hard. I tend to buy them sometimes at work. What do you snack?

What do you wear when you relax at home with your Netflix on? Because I feel most comfy in my PJs instead of wearing anything else.  Just please don’t laugh about my Panda top! I think it’s cute! 😛


About my slippers, I already had a special post about it to show you all how excited I was for buying them. They became my BFF since the day I started wearing them.

Now if you are looking for something to spice up your comfy outfit, have a look at Adore Me and perhaps find yourself the perfect bra or PJs. They offer a variety of lingerie types for every type of body. So why don’t you visit their bras and panties page? Maybe you will find something great for yourself.

I actually have to thank Adore Me for encouraging me to write this post. I am glad I did! Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram!

What will you be watching on tonight?


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