Thursday in bright and fresh mood

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Hi! How are you? 🙂

Today I am having some lovely, bright and fresh creations to inspire you. I can’t wait for the spring/summer time to come! Feeling kind of bored from the cold weather…

Outfit #1

This set has some nature inspired look, fresh and comfy. Tie-up ballet flats are kind of a thing for the upcoming season. Instead of wearing just simple flats, why not tie them up. It looks way more fun.

The floral silk dress is just lovely. If I could afford it I would have definitely buy the dress! 🙂 It’s chic and feminine, sexy and fresh at the same time. It goes well together with the lovely ballet flats. To mix match the look I think I have found the suitable crossbody bag.

To finish the look I have added some bold yet stylish jewelry. Oh and never forget to always pick some great looking sunglasses!


Outfit #2

Now this outfit is so lovely and feminine! Girly retro style is always fun. Don’t you just love the dress? Check print dress it’s already on my what to buy list.

The way I have paired everything in this set was consisted mainly of white and pink color. The white strap heels are going well together with the dress and that bag is so cool and fits the outfit perfectly. Now to make the entire look way more fun and stylish I have added some fun jewelry. According to me, the earrings make the look way more charming.


Outfit #3

This outfit is something that I would like to wear 🙂

Embroidered straight cropped jeans, gingham off the shoulder top, a crossbody bag & those leather sandals… I just can’t get enough!

The earrings and the ring are mix matched well with the entire look. Never forget to wear jewelry. It’s what it makes the outfit whole and special.



My Wednesday Mood

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So today I have been creating different styles. Before I took the nap I was into colorful chic and feminine combinations, but after the nap I have created some cool beauty look.

Well at least I feel inspired 🙂

These are the outfits I have created today:

Outfit #1


Outfit #2


Outfit #3


You may have a look at my Polyvore to check upon each of these sets.

What do you think?

Some casual outfit ideas

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Good evening to all ❤

I would like to share with you some casual outfit ideas that I have created tonight. I hope you will like them 🙂

Wearing some high waist skinny jeans will always make your body shape look great. Just pair them with a lovely sweater in stripes or some fun looking print and you are good to go. Pick a pair of white sneakers or some fancy loafers to match the look. This time in all the three sets I have used a crossbody bag. Don’t forget to always accessorize. Pick a minimalist jewelry to add something to the ordinary look, or wear a statement piece to stand out.

Outfit #1


Outfit #2


Outfit #3


So what do you think?

Big, bold stripes!

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It’s time to invest in a great piece for the spring time right? Well you may start your shopping by picking up a piece with big, bold stripes, whether it is an oversized sweater, skirt or dress.

How you will wear it this season?

Here are some ideas that I have created:

Outfit #1


Outfit #2


Outfit #3


So what do you think? 🙂

Cosmic Jewelry

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If you are a jewelry lover just like me, you will find this article very interesting 🙂

How about wearing some out-of-space jewelry in order to make your look way more catchy and unique? I am loving this trend so much!

Don’t forget, it’s all in the details! 😉

Earlier today I was going through Etsy in order to find some great pieces and to share it with all of you. I hope you like my choices. This is what I have found (look at the set below):


What do you think?

Have a look at the set in here in order to find the items.

I did create one more set for the contest related to cosmic jewelry with your zodiac sign and this is what I came up with:


I am an Aries! As literally as it can be haha 😀 Yes, I can be very stubborn!

I was creating an outfit for a casual look, but more of a street style look with cosmic jewelry inspired by my zodiac sign – Aries. Do you like it?

To check upon this set visit here.

Daily look ideas – my Saturday evening mood

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Hi all! Hope you have started enjoying the weekend ❤

I have been creating some outfits in the past hour or so. I kind of feel inspired today. Maybe because it’s Saturday! 🙂

Just as I was looking at my outfits, I realized that tonight in each set I have used an item that has a floral print. I love floral prints! Going through some designer clothes that I have came across, many of their items have floral prints. Right now it’s trending dark floral print. Do you owe some items with such print? If you do so, don’t lock them away in your closet. Instead of just waiting for the spring to come, make your winter outfit more fun and feminine.

Daily Look #1

The first outfit that I have created it’s quite the casual look. To not be just a bold look, wearing this type of jeans with a floral print combined with white sneakers, a striped top and a casual leather backpack you are always good to go. In my eyes, this outfit looks really awesome. To match the floral print I have used a phone case in similar colors with a splatter print. Keep in mind that splatter prints will be huge in the season to come.

As you can see I always use jewelry in my outfits. I can’t imagine an outfit without a jewelry paired with. Usually I either choose a necklace or earrings. It depends on the occasion I may combine them both together. Rings are a must for me. Just as I am speaking of the outfits I create I do the same with jewelry for myself in real.

Layered necklace is a statement piece for the upcoming season. You might want to say goodbye to your choker and replace it with a bold layered necklace or perhaps some fun pendant necklace.

You may take a look at the complete look at my Polyvore.


Daily Look #2

This outfit is something similar to what I wore today at work. Another casual type of outfit yet so fun and chic. In this set I have used a floral sweater with straight leg jeans and a heeled ankle boots. I own a cheaper version of the same looking boots as in this set 😀

I have used a puffer jacket for this outfit rather than a maxi coat or knee-length coat. I had the same mood in the morning today. I was thinking what kind of coat to wear and than I picked the puffer jacket.

For this set I have used a medium size black leather tote and a fur pom pom bag charm. They are so trending at the moment and make the ordinary bag look way more fun and interesting.

To complete the look I have added some good looking stud earrings, pack of rhinestone rings and grad sunglasses.

Explore this outfit in here.


Daily Look #3

This is the last outfit I have created for today. (at least I think so haha)

This is more of an editorial experiment of mine. This Gucci green coat caught my eye and just had to try and combine it with something. It has the Pantone color of the year 2017 – Greenery. It gives instantly fresh look to the whole outfit.

To match the coat I have chosen this lovely luxurious bag of Dolce & Gabbana with a floral print. Don’t you just love this coat and this bag in a combination? Because I certainly do! It smells like spring already!

Instead of using some ankle boots for this look, I have chosen some bold black loafers which also happen to be from Gucci. Just as I was finishing the look I realized that the jeans I used in the set are also from Gucci. You can never get enough from the marvelous creations of this designer!

I used a white crepe top, black sunglasses and gold statement jewelry pieces to complete the look. What do you think?

Have a look at this inspiration of mine in here.


Good night! 🙂

So what about a casual look on Wednesday?

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Any idea what you will be wearing tomorrow?

Because I am already thinking about a casual look on Wednesday. You just can’t go wrong with high-rise jeans and a grey turtleneck sweater. So I have picked the following items to complete the outfit – grey sneakers, black leather jacket (must have in your closet), a large monogram bag in black, black beanie and sunglasses. You may use a nude color lipstick or lip gloss to finish up the look.

Do you like this outfit?



Netflix & Chill with Adore Me

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Hi everyone! What are you doing tonight? 🙂

Because if you would ask me… I am getting myself ready to have the perfect night! So you might wonder hmm what that could be right. It’s easy! I will be having my Netflix & Chill night by myself with my favorite TV show – the Vampire Diaries.


Due to my busy schedule and so many things to do, I think I finally deserve this night to just relax and not think of anything else. If I don’t watch and relax, than I would probably be creating outfits on Polyvore.

Since outside is cold and about to snow, I think I have picked the perfect night to get cozy and chill. I got myself comfy in my favorite PJs, my newest slippers & brought my salted sticks as a snack to go through the Vampire Diaries. I made myself a cup of nice & warm Turkish coffee since I need some energy after work to not be too sleepy. Well I certainly will not fall asleep when I know I will be watching Damon from the Vampire Diaries. I just love this show! I kind of miss Elena in it, but well I still think it’s good enough as long as it’s going on.

Usually my sis would be keeping me company for watching TV shows, but she has a late night shift at work so I will be on my own tonight. We tend to bond over so many series through spending time together. Both of us have the same taste in shows so we don’t need to fight over 🙂

I was thinking to make some pancakes for dessert, but I just feel too lazy. I guess I will do that some other time. I did find those salted sticks at the kitchen and well I felt sorry for them to just leave them in there haha . By the way, they are good to calm your nerves, especially when you are working hard. I tend to buy them sometimes at work. What do you snack?

What do you wear when you relax at home with your Netflix on? Because I feel most comfy in my PJs instead of wearing anything else.  Just please don’t laugh about my Panda top! I think it’s cute! 😛


About my slippers, I already had a special post about it to show you all how excited I was for buying them. They became my BFF since the day I started wearing them.

Now if you are looking for something to spice up your comfy outfit, have a look at Adore Me and perhaps find yourself the perfect bra or PJs. They offer a variety of lingerie types for every type of body. So why don’t you visit their bras and panties page? Maybe you will find something great for yourself.

I actually have to thank Adore Me for encouraging me to write this post. I am glad I did! Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram!

What will you be watching on tonight?