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Hello everyone!

Many of you must be wondering where I create my sets or how I am creating them.

The answer is: Polyvore.


Introduction: What is Polyvore?

Polyvore is a popular website related to fashion, beauty and home decor where you may shop and find new things you love. It is the perfect spot to create your online collages.

For me Polyvore is a magical place! Yes, I love it! *_*

This website can change your whole perspective of online shopping and the way you purchase things. There are many talented people out there sharing tips of how to look, what to wear, what is trending, what to buy, their inspirations and so on. Each one is unique and demonstrates it each in its own way.

What I really like about Polyvore is the way every single item has its own spot and it’s selected so you may find it easy. It is the very special place where you may find all of the possible items from all of the stores across the globe. Isn’t it fantastic, eh?

It is a social site driven on a whole new level. Have a look and you will see it for yourself.

Browsing through Polyvore

As I have mentioned previously, you may do your online shopping through Polyvore. It’s easy & fun! There are many stores to go through or just any item you have found that can bring you directly to the website where you may purchase it. There are different tabs such as My Feed, Trending, Women, Outfits, Dresses, Shoes, Accessories, Beauty, Home, Men and Sale.

My Feed shows things that you like or sets from the people you follow, as well as groups and the likes of the other people. Trending is well the most important piece of Polyvore.  You may browse all the latest trends in fashion and beauty from the whole Polyvore community. At the end of the Trending page there is a section with Polyvore contests. It’s always good to enter!

Creating a set

A set created on Polyvore known also as a collage is consisted from items of your choice. If you are to click on a single set you will see all of the items information such as price, store name as well as the website where you may purchase the product.

In order to be able to create a set, first of all, you need to register on the Polyvore website. Once you do that, you are ready to go! It is actually very easy to create some beautiful layouts with the items or pictures of your choice. All you need to do is keep trying and find your own unique technique of how to make them and what you should do. I did the same. To be honest at the beginning I had no clue what to do on Polyvore. I was just as lost as many of you. As time has passed I began to understand how it works and I just kept trying. Actually I am still doing that 🙂


How to create a set

Just follow my instructions and you can do it in no time!

After you had registered on the website, you need to open the Polyvore Editor. As you may see on the photo I have circled the area where it says create. You need to click there where you have three different options to select a set, a template or a collection.


To be able to create the set, choose the set option. Whenever you click on it, it will bring you to the Polyvore Editor. It looks like this:


Once you have opened the Editor you may start creating!

A small explanation of what you see in the Editor:

  • The area that I have circled is the place called canvas where you can drag any item from the item palette on the right. In the canvas you may drag, resize, move the items and so on.  There are different tabs on the item palette. There are tabs for women, men, home, my items and collections. Depending on what you want to create, choose the tab and underneath you will see what kind of items to drag onto the canvas.


  • If you want to create your daily outfit, for example choose the women tab. As you can see there is a display where it says tops, outerwear, dresses, etc. You can click on each and find the item you like or love. Under the search bar you can look for a specific word or item. You can search by keyword, category, brand, store, color, pattern, designer, and so on.
  • Under the tab My Items is where you can find the items you have stored just by browsing through Polyvore and use it directly into your sets. Also it is a place where all of the items you have found on the Internet you have clipped and stored for further use.  (I will explain you about the Polyvore clipper too)
  • The Collections tab has the items in the collections you have liked.

To start creating just click on the tops for example. You may choose any top that you like. You can browse them by color, by price, by keyword, etc. Once you have chosen one, just drag it onto the canvas. You may resize it, clone it, turn it around, and even use a Photoshop on it. If you like to combine this sweater for example with jeans, go to the jeans section and pick ones. The same goes with shoes, bag, accessories, jewelry, etc.


To decorate the set or make a good layout you have the options to choose a background, text, colors, frames, numbers, magazine articles, effects and textures, pattern and overlays.  If you click on the background, you can type any word you like to search for and relevant photos or items will show. It’s best to look for any decorative materials under the Background section.

Once your set is ready, click Publish!


Polyvore Clipper

The Polyvore Clipper is an extension that you can add to your browser. Just install it and you are ready to use it. This is where to click on in order to install it – click here. Please know to refresh your browser before you start using it. Once it has been installed, there will be a small icon with the Polyvore sign (P) showing at the top right part on your browser screen.


Now the question is how to use it right? It’s very simple. You go to any store you like on their website and you can clip an item. So for an example you are a fan of Dolce and Gabbana and you wish to clip a dress of theirs and use it into your set.  Just find the dress or a certain photo you wish to use in your set, open it and after that while you have it open, click on the Polyvore Clipper. Now this screen will open once you click on the Clipper:



You need to press the like button and once you do that, the selected item will appear into the My Items tab. Now to check whether the item appeared under the My Items tab, go to the Polyvore Editor.


It’s not a hard philosophy to do this. You will eventually learn it all in no time.

Notice: You can’t clip photos directly from Facebook, Imgur or Google. You can try clipping them from their URL addresses though. Also please know that if the photos are too small they can’t be clipped.

Polyvore Contests & Groups

There are many available contests across Polyvore. The Polyvore team has the official contests where in some of them you may compete in order to receive a real prize. There are group contests too where you can enter and many of them are just for fun or there are sponsored contests where as well you can receive a prize. So far I have won couple of items such as denim shirt, few sweaters, dress, earrings and a necklace. You may receive a coupon as a prize as well and use it to buy the things you like from the given website.

You can be member of as many groups as possible and enter in every contest. You can browse groups by yourself or get invited by some of the Polyvore community members.


To be able to receive a trophy you have to enter in some of the official Polyvore contests or in group contests. If you are 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in a contest that has minimum of 50 members that entered in it, the trophy is yours. Many times in the group contests, you can win one of those places, but because there weren’t enough entries you will not receive the trophy.


You may click here (as shown on the photo) where to check your notifications. Just keep refreshing to see whether you have any news.


How to become popular on Polyvore?

So far I think that this is the most important question. How to become popular on Polyvore?

Hmm, I was wondering about this one for so long. I was newbie when I was starting and was really wondering how people got so many followers. I just couldn’t do the math.

Just as you are starting out on Polyvore, please know that it takes time and a lot of effort. Like as many sets as possible. Most of the community members will return the favor and like your sets as well. You can start following the others and hopefully they will follow you back. Another way to get noticed is to comment on sets from the other members, create collections and store the sets you love, enter into official contests as well as group contests and create awesome sets for a chance to get noticed by the Polyvore team. Once you get featured into the Top Sets, the followers will come in no time.


Follow me

This is my Polyvore profile: http://dressedbyrose.polyvore.com/

Piece of advice:

Always be as unique as possible and try to create something that the others haven’t done yet. Don’t copy other people’s work. That’s lame and unfair. Just be you!

***If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I am glad to help! 

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