*Personal stylist/shopper/consultant

If you like my style, you may definitely hire me to be your personal stylist/shopper/consultant! Let me create some outfits for you and let’s have some fun!

The price is negotiable.

*Polyvore collaborations

If you you are interested in Polyvore collaboration, you may contact me. I am able to promote your products into my sets on a daily basis, create brand awareness and a chance to make a sale.

The price per set may vary from 2$ to 3$ per set. I create outfits with your products in it. Each set has exposure to the entire Polyvore community and each person who comes across my page or specific set. The sets are shared upon request on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as on my blog and on Bloglovin.

By being constantly present on my Polyvore page, the chance to sell your products is higher, especially if the specific set is featured on Polyvore’ homepage or picked as a Top Fashion Set.

I may accept some goods as well in return.

You may contact me via email: